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The real estate team of law experts in Attorneys Punta Cana® is unsurpassed in skill, experience, and geographical grasp. More clients trust Attorneys Punta Cana® than any other law firm in the Dominican Republic, with offices throughout the island. The top-ranked real estate lawyers is constantly working as a cohesive team with other disciplines to ensure that all issues that could impact with the transaction will be properly and thoroughly addressed.

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Attorneys Punta Cana® is especially reputed for its representation within the Dominican Republic of international corporations and individual investors. For our international clients, we handle everything from the simple acquiring a rental property to the complex commercial lawsuit and mergers and acquisitions. Our attorneys have centuries of total experience in various areas of legal practice in the Dominican Republic.


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Attorneys Punta Cana makes the law made simple and affordable. Online legal document creation and signing, legal counsel from lawyers, real estate property transfer and business incorporation.

Qualified lawyers

Keep the law on your side by thinking before you act. Talk to a licensed attorney right now. Get assistance with Dominican Republic law, immigration, real estate, and more.

Years of experience

In twenty years of legal practice, no matter the financial situation, Attorneys Punta Cana is dedicated to offering everyone who requires legal counsel compassionate, effective, and high-quality services.

Real Estate Experts

Our knowledgeable team of experts is by your side through every step of the process in buying or selling a property in the Dominican Republic.


You should think about an attorney’s credentials, location, availability, and other factors before choosing one for legal aid.

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Our attorneys are accessible at all times, and clients can get in touch with us from anywhere in the world to get quick responses to their needs. We are supported by the most up-to-date technologies for delivering legal guidance.

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We have a solid reputation as a reputable, trustworthy corporation that gets results in the local and global business communities thanks to our business practices.

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A Dominican Republic’s complete legal firm, Attorneys Punta Cana, has a complete staff of specialists in each of its practice areas.

Pedro Jose Arias

Real Estate Lawyer

Harold Hartsell

Real Estate Legal Advisor

Michelle Martinez

Lawyer Partner

Juan M. Suarez

Financial Advisor

Our departments

We have a strong team of talented attorneys that are fully versed in all facets of real estate law. Work with the best.

Real Estate Law in Dominican Republic

A Real Estate Attorney can help you in a variety of ways throughout the process of buying or selling your home.

Experts in Real Estate Development Laws

Attorneys Punta Cana experts in development laws assists local and international real estate building companies in completing the entire real estate development process without incidents.

Real Estate Financing in Punta Cana

In all forms of real estate financing transactions, Attorneys Punta Cana, a well-known leader in both real estate and finance, represents both lenders and borrowers of debt and equity capital.

Condominium and Homeowners Association

The Condominium Property Law allows for the regulation of cohabitation rights, obligations, and duties inside the complex.

Real Estate litigation

Real estate disputes frequently entail one party’s refusal to fulfill contractual duties. The opposite party has the right to file a real estate lawsuit when a party to a residential or commercial real estate contract fails to carry out a stipulated action.

Due Diligence in Real Estate

Real estate due diligence is the examination and evaluation of a property’s critical data prior to a purchase.

Property Management

Effortless Property Management Employing a property manager can be your best option if you want to rent out your house and generate passive income.

Rental Agreements

In exchange for regular payments, a landlord who rents out a property to a renter will sign a lease.

What our clients say

Read client reviews and see why clients in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic trust the lawyers at Attorneys Punta Cana.

The lawyer was really competent. He addressed all of my questions in excellent detail and promptly returned my calls and SMS. He was a breeze to collaborate with. I wholeheartedly endorse their services.

Anna Simmons

Real Estate Legal Advisors in Dominican Republic

Moreover, you should know that most real-estate ventures, particularly in the tourism trade, occur in regions away from the country’s capital of Santo Domingo, that are significant travel destinations. The fact that Attorneys Punta Cana® have agencies in Punta Cana and work with all other tourist destination in the Dominican Republic, gives us some decisive competitive advantage over different firms, since we are able to serve clientele in all popular travel destinations with a more efficient and punctually legal services, to which our attorneys are up to date in the laws of Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic.

Our talents span all facets of the real estate law, such as:

  • Real estate and owners associations law
  • Legal Research
  • Terrain use regulation laws
  • Environmental feasibility
  • Foreclosures and evictions
  • Commercial real estate laws
  • Insurance laws
  • Property management in Punta Cana
  • Real Estate Litigation Attorney
  • Taxes incentives regarding real-estate developments
  • Commercial and residential buy and sales agreement
  • Leasing/ lease agreements
  • Broker agent agreements
  • Construction contracts
  • Buy and sell laws for hotels
  • Financing advisors
  • Boundaries, easements, and rights of way
  • Expropriation (eminent domain)
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